Monday, March 24, 2014

morning, sunshine

A friend posted a quick blurb about her daughter singing songs from Daniel Tiger on the way to a doctor's appointment. 
And I instantly thought of at least 4 Daniel Tiger jingles that I use regularly to teach my kiddos.
How exactly did parents teach their kids to use the restroom before the Daniel Tiger jingle?

Seriously though. 
Music resonates.
It teaches and builds us up without feeling like it's teaching at all.
From this mama's playlist to yours here are some of our faves.
  1. Daniel Tiger. Let's just get this one out of the way since it's already been mentioned. The PBS show offers a jingle to match the lesson. It's a great way to reinforce ideas we're working on in the home. Sharing a problem? He's got a jingle for that. Anger issues? Daniel to the rescue. Want your little ones to remember to say "thank you"? Sing them the Daniel Tiger jingle. And here's the great thing...they'll start to sing them on their own. This mama's heart swells when I overhear, "Try, try, try, try, try it again. Keep trying. You'll get better!" 

2. Music Together. Oh my goodness. We accidentally got one of their cds stuck in our car player...and we don't even mind it. The songs are rich, and throaty. They are melodic. Actual music for kids to enjoy...with the parents. Bonus: You can attend Music Together classes and enjoy the songs with other families in your area- check out their site to see if they offer a class near you.

3. The Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout. I know...Chica is a little chicken puppet that has an annoying squeak. But...if you can get past the squeaks, they offer fun songs that the kids love. Even better than watching the show regularly (we don't!) is searching for their videos on youtube. Here's a couple we ::love::.

Search: Thankful Song Chica Show
Search: Honey Bee Dan Zane

Search: Now Let's Dance, Dan Zane

4. Sojourn Music. This ministry continues to be such a blessing for our family even though we are miles away from Louisville, Kentucky. A search of sojourn music on youtube will provide many options. You can also listen to the albums for free (or pick up a copy) on their site Sojourn Music.

5. I know I said "5 songs" but once I got started...


Because kids love a good step show! 

super easy lyrics for little ones to remember

::today, enjoy some music with your little ones::
sing along
and have a dance party
Purpose to fill them with positive, nurturing songs that build relationships and possibly even some rhythm. 

Rock on, loves.

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