Tuesday, March 25, 2014

hurry up to slow down

Chances are, if you come around here often, you know that this past year has been one of transitions for the Alsey family.
Lots of transitions.
Mostly excellent.
Mostly hard.
Mostly exhausting.

There's been a lot of work.
Not a lot of rest.
Not a lot of slowing down.
This picture is of Dean approximately one year ago...

I saw this picture over the weekend and almost cried. And no it's not because I have two x chromosomes...it's because I've been so busy lately I haven't just been. 
I haven't enjoyed or soaked up the moment. 
And I sure as heck haven't done a very good job at relaxing.

My word of the year this year is ::love::.
One way to show my husband, myself, my kiddos and others around me love is to slow down.
At least a tad.

Last night
I sorted legos for hours. Literally.
As in more than one hour on the floor sorting colors.
Here's the thing though...Dean and Vivi didn't seem to mind.
And instead of grumbling and complaining (I stored all that up for you!) I stayed quiet and watched them explore while I cleaned. 
It was almost relaxing.
Or maybe that was the glass of vino I had after they went to bed.

The point is...it's time.
Time to slow down.
Yes, we still have TONS of projects to complete.
But I've got to purpose calm, relaxing time for us as well.

Join me in a challenge to slow down, calm down, and simplify one thing each day.

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