Tuesday, April 1, 2014

happy entry

Awhile back I mentioned this was happening.
My old vanity was set out for our yard sale...and no one wanted it. 
womp, womp
So I hauled it back in, decided to slap it with a happy coat of apple green paint, and moved into the entry way. 
I'm now beyond thrilled no one stole bought this little guy- 
he seems so content in his new little home. 
And I ::love:: walking into the bright, cheerful space...
I haven't even been using it as a dumping ground.
I'd planned to write about this area for a bit, but the light in here is tricky to photograph.
Everything ends up reading a tad darker than in person.

The desk houses our time out timer from my Grandma Harbin, a typewriter from D's mom, and a couple of whatnots. 

I finally found a place for this Anthropologie knob I've been hanging onto for years.

here's a reminder of where we started

and this 
So much better!

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  1. So glad you didn't sell it----it's in the perfect home!
    Love you


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