Monday, March 10, 2014

breathing room

This area is the heart of our house. 
The bend in our inverted L.
It's where we do 90% of our living.
Here's where we began on our move in day.
Tall ceilings.
No lights.
Crazy paint schemes.
Lots of potential.

I'm in love with this angle because it showcases my fave window wall.

And here we are now.
I still haven't styled the shelves...yet. 
But our room is feeling more "us".
Color soaked
So, clearly things were not moved off counters, the patio or table for this photo.
I love the changes though.
See that crazy annoying white wall's days are numbered.
We spent time this past weekend mapping out an extensive kitchen reno.

I'd be remiss to not show the current state of the backyard.
It has improved since I've last shown it, but we've got a ways to go before it's usable.
We still have plant removal, horse shoe pit removal, wire fence removal, and the rest of the wood removal to be done. 
Then it's on to tilling it up, adding some boarders, and sodding the entire lawn.
Our goal date is Easter.
It's gonna be rad.

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