Tuesday, March 4, 2014

back on track

It's amazing what prayer time does for my soul.
It's also amazing to have a husband who meets you where you are.
Asking the simple question: "What's wrong?"
And then listened.

I wanted to share that I'm feeling more like me after this weekend.
D and I stayed home most of the time, we dug deep and worked on projects we'd been putting off.
We made forward progress.
Always helpful.
And we loved on each other and the kids...a lot.

Because I know that documenting it all makes me smile...I took a few pictures as well.
This isn't the most recent picture of the rumpus room, but I'd be remiss in not including the room that ate a large portion of my time and energy last week.

I know other folks are having snow and ice, but we're finally receiving some much needed rain here in CA. 
Friday was a deluge.
Almost every roadway was flooded.
D set up a work light and watch the kids splash in the puddles before bath.
It was cold and it was messy, but it was a win.
We broke in the chalk wall.

I painted this old friend...again.
She's now housing a typewriter and greeting everyone with her cheerful, apple green color when they enter our casa. I'll share more about her later.
We smiled and snuggled...a lot.
I couldn't manage a crisp, clean picture of the two of them on their bike. 
But it makes my heart stop to see them playing together. 
Sibling ::love::
My firstborn.
Love those smiles.
And giggles. 
And all the new wacky ideas bursting from his head.
practicing love
even when it's not easy
How do you make polka dots random?
Invite your little ones to assist!

Finally pulled together some of these goodies.
Painted these IKEA spice racks gold
Watched her quietly pull all contents of my wallet out while I worked.
Rearranged the coffee bar
Added a handy hook for storing chalk and chalkboard accessories.
Encouraged myself with doodles
Added decorations from my childhood to Vivi girl's room

Allowed little ones to try it for themselves 
(Dean's family portrait)
Enjoyed early morning coffee, Joyce Meyer and solitude

Here's hoping I've pushed myself back over the hump of self pity and doubt.
fortune favors the brave

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  1. You've probably already read these recently, but all are appropriate here-----
    1 Chronicles 28:20, Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 41:13.
    Love you, Sweetie!


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