Wednesday, March 19, 2014

around here

The fresh, spring air is a-maz-ing.
Our quality of life with the two littles is directly correlated to outside time.
And I've decided that weather is not important to me. 
I will be buying the clothing gear to play, play, play in the rain or snow next year. 
H&M has adjustable rain pants for kids at $24.05, but their sold out of our sizes. 
I'm on the hunt.
Because we need the gear.

random dream: starting an outside play group. 
Mull that one over.
Outside play...year whatever weather the wind blows our way.

On Saturday, D had a meeting and I had a I-need-to-let-the-kids-burn-off-the-syrup-from-their-delicious-breakfast-waffles hankering.
So off to the park we went.
p.s. I'm kind of loving this whole mom gig. I think I'll keep it up. 

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