Monday, February 24, 2014

simple and sweet

We had our yard sale this weekend and I'm still recovering. 
We sold ::a lot::.
We still have ::a lot::.
Next comes some more purging, organizing and hopefully a sense of peace at the end.
We shall see.
Before this short month slips away from me, I wanted to take a minute to post about Valentine's Day. 
I love it.
So simple, so sweet.
It's an easy one for us moms.
We crafted a few times prior to the big day 
tp hearts
chocolate play dough (aka brown play dough) into candy boxes
chocolate rice play (hot chocolate mix added to play rice for sensory play)
and they received their gifts on the table first thing in the morning on the big day.
Dean got a play shaving cream and razor set with a box of candy
And Vivian received a set of stuffed pastries and a box of candy

Dustin gifted me with time.
He took time off work and made time for me.
It was amazing.
We hiked, we had wine, we dreamed dreams, and we tackled a few projects on our list.
It was perfect. 
He also gifted me with a new garbage disposal and this funny poem.
I didn't add the pic of the disposal because really who needs to see that? But I did add his poem because it brings a smile to my face every time I read through it. 
I love that man.
My gift to thee,
my lovely valentine.
Is the absence of toilet odor
From that kitchen sink of mine (ours but I needed a rhyme)

Thought what you may have wanted 
Was more likely a flower
It's also nice to walk into a house
That doesn't smell so sour

And though to many others
It's an indecent proposal
I hope my dear that you enjoy
Your new garbage disposal

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