Thursday, February 6, 2014


Forgive the slight rant, but I have dropped the proverbial ball in my etsy store.
Some of you may recall we just moved...again.
And in this latest move, we have dumped all of our wordly possessions into this room
This picture does not do the size of the room justice. 
It's large ya'll.
And I have even larger plans for it.
But if you read this little blog regularly, you know that right now it looks something like this
I like this picture for one reason only.
Dean is giving you perspective about the mess.
Somewhere in there are my lovely vintage clothes.
But where?
I ought never know.
I've looked and looked.
That one little light does nothing to provide light for the room at night so I even hauled in D's halogen work light last night for the hunt.
And D helped me look today.
They are hiding from us in the way only sneaky little vintage lovelies can. 
Maybe they want to stay.
Too bad for them I've got orders to fill...
Here's the deal.
I seriously cannot find them.
And there's the dilemma.
It's a doozy.
I have two of the three sold items and the other one is MIA.
I've got some apologies to hand out pronto.
And I've got to list my store "on vacay" for at least a couple of weeks.
Next weekend we are having a yard sale and renting a dumpster and hauling some items to a thrift store.
Because the madness has to end.
The end.
Good night.
I'm off to make hair bows because that is what I do for sanity's sake.

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