Friday, February 21, 2014

practice what you preach

Yesterday evening, after posting about a play area in the backyard where little ones can be free, roam, explore and get very messy, and spending ample time thinking through children's play philosophies...this happened.

Me: What are you doing?
Dean: (Carrying metals bowls outside) I'm going to make the cats some chocolate mud cakes.
I instantly thought about the mess. 
And I was soooooo close to telling him, "No, not tonight honey."
Seriously, I need no more messes here.
I thought, "If we were set up for messy play. If it was bath time next instead of dinner. If I was out there watching him to make sure he didn't go crazy with the mud."
And then I heard my inner voice saying, "hypocrite".
Practice what you preach.
You want your child to be wild and free.
Let him make the chocolate mud cakes for the cats.
It's just mud.
Me: Okay have fun. I'll call you in for dinner.

And so chocolate mud cakes were made.
And our house is still standing.
It's still messy, but not because of the mud...
Oh, and you're welcome cats.

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