Monday, February 3, 2014

own it

D wanted the kids to get into the painting action. 
Ownership of their spaces.
He bought them cheap brushes and orchestrated them assisting in painting their rooms.
Dean and Vivian bought into the ownership hook, line and sinker.
It was a beautiful thing to see.
And it's a lesson we are still using to teach them.

I find myself asking: 
What do I own?

Am I owning my actions?
My thoughts?

I've been struggling lately to be who I want to be.
My days, my evenings, my thoughts, my actions haven't been my best.
While I was driving into work this morning, I had a moment to reflect and pray about the self-inflicted discord I've been experiencing. 
I saw clearly where I've been looking for joy.

And then I clearly recalled this verse:

I've been looking for joy, peace and contentment under every rock and in every nook and craney, but I haven't sought the Lord. 

I've been feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, lonely and sad, but not giving my concerns to the Lord. And certainly not looking to Him to provide for me. 
As the dust settles from another round of weekend renovations, I find myself thinking shouldn't I be feeling better than this? Shouldn't this be making me happy?
But the truth is this dear friends...renovations, circumstances, and people are not the source of a Christian's joy. Jesus is. 

He promises us that if we seek Him first, he will take care of the rest.
And that provides us rest.
The rest that we need to remove the cobwebs from our minds. 

So, in a question of ownership, who's owning your heart?
If it's the King of Kings and Lord of Lords we need only to turn back to him, ask for forgiveness for our waywardness, and seek him in earnest.
He will meet our needs.

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