Wednesday, February 19, 2014

less please

A simple algorithm for the math inclined folks:
Husband and wife work full time + house renovations + serious downsizing
+ two little people underfoot = 
lots of mess most of the time

I have faith that the end result will be worth it, 
but this morning my house looked like the end of a 
cheesy the-parents-were-out-of-town-let's-have-a-wild-party movie plot.
Minus the beer bottles and bras flung around. 

Mostly it was rumpus room stuff strewn about mixed with the materials for the diy cornices I'm working on EVERYWHERE.
I feel like I'm walking in a mine field trying my best to not step on tiny toys when going to the fridge.
I'm side stepping the boxes in the kitchen.
I'm overlooking the halfway painted and assembled step stool in the walk way.
I'm ignoring the little pieces of foam in the living room that look like we had a snow storm in the house.
I'm pretending the pile of clothes in my bedroom floor don't exist because I haven't found/brought the hangers out of the rumpus room to hang them up.
The list goes on. 
And on and on and on. 

Then I looked at the blog (normally a place I find refuge) and felt my blood pressure rise after last nights post.
Oh, the mess.
It is a smidge overwhelming at the moment.

So what do I do?
Besides brown paper bagging my breathing, I'm pinning and deleting on pinterest.
More stuff to be bought and brought in?
I'm finding new inspiration to keep going with what we have and what we want our lives to be.
Because sometimes (to be completely honest) I want to throw the towel in.
Sometimes the finish line seems too far away.
And the mess seems like it could eat small children.
Then I see things like this

and I'm reminded that a little bit of paint makes a big difference.

and less can be more like this
olive wall, my new wall color

I'm reminded that thoughtful organization like this

and patterns like these
Cotton in Charcoal, by Jonathan Adler.
DIY Succulent Hexagon Planter Box.

and this
Half Moon Basket by Ferm Living

really make me smile.
I'm also remembering that it's a choice to live a life the way we want to.

Oh and cleaning out a pinterest board is infinitesimally easier than cleaning out real life.
Making it a win, win.

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