Wednesday, February 19, 2014

invitation to play

My favorite thing about our last house was the backyard.
It wasn't huge.
And it wasn't precious, but it was fenced in.
Which meant it was a great place for

cat hunting
car pushing
insect finding
load moving
clover eating
digger digging
siblings playing
daddy imitating
ball playing
turtle watching
sprinkler moving
honeysuckle eating
fine motor skills improving

Popsicle eating
soup making 

soup stirring
It's also, I'm now remembering (I blame mommy brain) how I managed to multi-task (aka clean, cook, etc.) and keep my sanity.
Fast forward to this recent conversation.
Dustin: What do you want our backyard to look like?
Sarah: Grass.
Dustin: Is that all?
Sarah: A border around the fence.

Sorry honey, but I am amending my lackluster response after reviewing the past and finding inspiration for the future.

pole bean teepee

Practical tips for creating outdoor learning spaces

planter baskets hold toys in the sandbox by Jackie from Happy Hooligans - full post here:

A pebble pit and scale enhanced the mathematical and analytical skills of children, providing real life problem solving opportunities through pouring, filling, measuring, analyzing, etc.

Planting a sunflower house is very simple, & makes a fun & imaginative outdoor play space. Adorable

Mud Kitchen Outdoor Play Renovation from Adventures at home with Mum (",)

This in home daycare in Oregon has the most fantastic outdoor play area. Neat ideas for our backyard!


Backyard Design: DIY Outdoor Sound Wall/Music Station | FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS

Wellie Tree or maybe a Boot Branch - a great way to store boots for outdoor play!

Our dad made a very similar clubhouse for us when we were kids. We got to paint and decorate it ourselves. It was literally summers of fun!

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