Wednesday, February 12, 2014

first class

Today my lovely Grandma Harbin went to be with the Lord. 
And reunited with her love.
She was 91 years young. 
She lived in assisted living for the last 7 years, but never stopped entertaining.
Her welcoming manners, her poise, her hosting gift never failing.
When I close my eyes I picture myself walking around her yard admiring the flowers. 
The pansies in the whiskey barrel (the height of fashion) were always my favorite.
I picture her bringing out a small, glass bowl of vanilla ice cream for dessert after a meal. 
I will never, never forget how flattered I was when she complimented me one year on my Christmas dress. She called me Vanna White, and yes, I felt like a princess for it.
Asking me, "Well how's Sarah doing?" every chance she got.
Or how she always opened her door with a warm "Hello, hello, hello!"

Please keep our family in your prayers.
We are grieving, but remain firmly rooted in hope.
We will be reunited with this matriarch someday and rejoice that she is in a new body with our Savior.

On Saturday, Charlie House, Dustin's cousin lost his long fought battle with brain cancer.
We'll be attending his funeral this weekend.
We've been overwhelmed with grief for his wife, little boy, mom, siblings, and family.
This past Sunday, Dustin and I remembered the one year anniversary of his father's passing.
This time last year, I was packing two little ones up, picking up a very weary husband from the airport and preparing for a cross-country drive. To say goodbye.
Such sad memories.
It's been dark days here in the Alsey household.
The usually bright, sunny CA weather has chosen to be dreary, chilly and rainy for days.
I've been absent from this blog because I've been absent from my life.
Feeling blue.
Please pray for us and our extended families on both sides. 
We will praise the Lord when it's easy, we will praise the Lord when it's hard.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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  1. We love you, Sarah! Yes, times of sorrow are hard, but the joy is that we can find ourselves drawing closer to Jesus as a result. We can choose joy beyond measure.
    Jesus gave us the Comforter and He will never leave us! We can be happy when we remember so many wonderful memories of our loved ones and we can share the stories with our babies. Thank you for sharing your heart with your Grandma! thinking of you always, Love you!


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