Wednesday, February 19, 2014

breaking news...

The missing bag of vintage goodies has been located!!!!!!
Let me back up a sec
I have a small shop where I sell vintage kid's clothes
we moved 
and piled all of our extra stuff into the affectionately dubbed rumpus room
The room was crazy packed with stuff and you can't even get out the side door.
So, surprisingly enough...
I lost some of the vintage clothes I had listed
 I looked, and looked and looked
I even had D look
And then we looked some more 
And then I freaked out and began working on everything in the house but the rumpus room (avoidance anyone?)
I finally began the arduous task of sorting the rumpus room for a yard sale this weekend, the deadline's got my butt in gear
It's lovely
This was after 4 hours of sorting.
The huge monstrosity of a "pile" in the back right is yard sale stuff.
The "pile" in the back left side is memento items (we'll be sorting them with family asap).
You can sort of see some clear space in the center of the room.

That's when it happened.
The cleared space gave me a chance to go over to the left hand side and make certain boxes in the memento corner were what we thought they were.
It was no small task I tell ya.
But, I discovered this gem.
See the bag down in the center?
Gee, I can't imagine why we couldn't locate it before...
If you're in Oakdale, CA this weekend you'll see the sky writers and spotlights pointing 
to our yard sale. 
And as we try to sell you everything we own, you can munch on free cookies and sip free coffee. 
It will be epic.
And our rumpus room and my sanity will thank you for taking it all away.

Oh, and just to keep it real...
Here's the current garbage pile with a torn up deck in the background and scattered cat food (thanks kids for adding to the mess!).

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