Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a doozy...

Dear Me, 

Get your crap together. Do it for yourself, your husband, your kids and your future. 
Ask the Lord for forgiveness, set aside sins that bind you, and seek the Lord for His strength. Believe that His joy will satisfy. Create beauty, peace, closeness and connections with others. Visualize the days, weeks, and years you desire and seek ways to achieve them. 

Stop leaving for tomorrow what can be done today. Stop feeling overwhelmed with your first world problems. Suck it up and keep on keepin on. Make a list and check the items off; ignore the daunting length of said list. Stop eating doughnuts for breakfast...they aren't the breakfast of champions. 

Love always, 

I've been buying into the lies that I can't be enough.
 I won't achieve my dreams, and I am a failure...so why bother?
I've been paralyzed by my own self doubt.
As a mom, as a wife, and mostly just as me
I've been looking everywhere for joy...except the Lord.

Does this ever happen to you? 
Do you find yourself swerving off track every now and then?
Praise the Lord for his welcoming arms and mulligans.
Praise the Lord not just for a fresh start in a new day, but a fresh start in a new minute.

Oh, and stop eating doughnuts for breakfast, ya'll.
I hear they're not the breakfast of champions after all. 

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  1. Of course I've had those days! I'm thankful that each day and moments are new and joy is always a choice. Remember that Jesus holds you by your right hand and never lets go. He offers His strength to us without fail, so He can help you tackle the "To Do" list. I love you, Sarah!


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