Wednesday, January 15, 2014

wrappin it up

Yes, I know Christmas was last month.
Heck it was even last year.
But when you move three days after the holiday...things tend to fall apart.
Bear with me.

Two days before Christmas we put a Christmas tree up at the rental house
I put lights on and Dean did all the rest of the decorating
Aka a 1 foot by 2 foot swath at the bottom of the tree was rockin ornaments.
The rest was absolutely bare.

A really super great surprise was sending the kids to Aunt Jan's house for a night to have them return home with this masterpiece
It was hands down my fave decoration this year

I also used the kid's artwork from school to decorate our dining area
Someone asked in a forum on facebook recently what to do with kid's artwork
Usually I blog them and then don't feel quite as guilty when they head to the trash
But because these were all holiday related, they all laid flat, and we store other holiday decorations they were bagged and added to the Christmas decor boxes.

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  1. FANTASTIC!!!!

    Something you will always remember in a very special way! Love you all!


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