Thursday, January 9, 2014

word of the year

One of my favorite bloggers has challenged readers to provide one word that they want to have represent their 2014 year.
Hers was healthy.
You can read about it here.
Mine is love

Because it is the root of all the answers.
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When we need to forgive others, we need to first love.
When we need wisdom, we need to first love.
When we need patience, we need to first love.
When we need self control, we need to first love.

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It all ends and begins with love.
And no I didn't become a hippy dippy Cali gal overnight...this love idea has been brewing for quite awhile.
2014 years. 
When Christ humbled himself to become man and died for us (knowing us!) to show his unending love.
Love art
 Some people (aka D) would say that I think a lot about love.
love for my husband
my dean
my vivian ruth
my mom and dad
my brother
my grandma harbin
all of my extended family
 my friends
the families i serve at work
my coworkers
the strangers that i meet each day
Love is the new Black _
and here's the kicker... 
love for my enemies
because let's be honest everyone has someone that's hard to love
not impossible
because through Christ all things are possible
And this year above all else I will choose love

Fall hot cocoa sipping party via You Are My Fave

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