Tuesday, January 14, 2014

weighing in on parenting

There are moments when it's all going smoothly.
Those are the times I have given them my utmost.
I've planned thoughtful activities.
I've focused on what they're doing right.
I've been present.
I've even been proactive.

And then there's right now.
Tonight I found myself getting annoyed hearing me say "stop" "easy" "careful" and "no"
I saw how many times I turned on a cartoon for the kids to watch while I did other things.
Tonight was better than last night and it still...sucked.

Being a parent is hard.
They are VERY needy.
They need my time, my patience, my focus, my energy, and my love.
And some periods of time are better than others for me.
I can clearly remember engaging the little ones last winter with fun activities nightly.
Seeking Bible verses and hymns to sing together.
Turning more moments into teachable lessons.
Lots more laughter.

Do you ever get into a parenting rut?
When it all seems too hard?
It turns out that as with other things in life, wishing it is better won't actually produce results.
We have to get in there, roll up our sleeves, and intentionally make it happen.

As we try to do our renovations, unpack our boxes, and live our new life...I want to get back to the mommy moments that are most successful.
Making connections.
Teaching little ones.
Because they're worth the extra work.

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  1. Just 17 years and she can go to Purdue to get an engineering degree!


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