Monday, January 27, 2014

little girl's art and procrastinators unite...

We've been ticking things off our never ending        (and regularly increasing) list.
And loving every minute of it. 
I swear that sometime in the year 2014 I will get photos uploaded to this blog.
I've located the cord.

In the meantime (mom) go look at my instagram site (mom) for updates that don't require much work.
You'll have to click on the link on the sidebar or the navigation bar up above because I don't know what my instagram page is.
I just learned my cell phone number last week.
For real.

Thought I'd share a diy version of this lovely
cute sign for Allison's dressing room

Just to keep it real. Theirs is rad.
It's huge and lovely.
Mine is not, but it is free.
And I happen to know a little girl who'll appreciate it decorating her room.

If you've never made anything with pic monkey.
Do it now and enjoy the artistic opportunities!

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