Tuesday, January 28, 2014

party house

That's what our neighbors tell us our house is.
Or was.
Apparently, the previous owner enjoyed having lots of loud parties.
With horshoes and ample deck space.
We have a different vision.
It's called...a lawn.
Our house is a backwards L shape. We have two covered patios and a deck. I am standing on the patio outside of our living room taking this pic.
Do you see that tiny patch of grass over there on the left? 
Don't blink or you might miss it!

A couple of things to note...
This patio goes into the rumpus room (sliding doors) and D's workshop. It also has a small, double door storage closet. 
Can you see how high boxes are piled in the rumpus room?
Oh, the shame.
Do you see the half dressed little miss on the patio?
And the into the cat food little man?
Polar vortex?
Not here.
This is a January-shirt-free-and-pants-free-kind-of-a-day.
The mess gives me heart palpatations.
Nothing could make me as happy as seeing this demo happen.

So here's where we landed.
A smashed up back deck.
A small water break- quickly fixed by D.
A full dumpster.
Another dumpster ordered.
A lot of clean up still needed.
I'll spare you the mess.

Let's just say we're in the it looks worse before it looks better phase here.

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