Tuesday, January 14, 2014

morning coffee date

This morning I threw on a baseball hat, sweatshirt and flip flops.
I got the kids dressed for "school" (aka daycare).
Drove them in.
Worked on Bible verses and sang songs during the 7 minute drive.
Gave them lots of kisses (minus Dean who has now said no kisses), hugs and told them "I love you" thirty times.
I stopped at Starbucks and got a Venti Pike Place, a Grande Vanilla Latte, and 2 breakfast sandwiches.
I drove home admiring our small town in the morning light.
Took a shower and dressed for work.
Woke up my husband and had a coffee date.
DC coffee date pre-kids
::two grownups::
::crazy in love::
::in the morning::
::without toddler screaming or interruptions::
::without jumping up to attend to other things::

It was decadent.
Recent Seattle date
As I drove to my meeting this morning I felt connected and loved.

Thank you to my husband.
He choose to get up after only three hours of sleep to connect with me.
He regularly sacrifices for our relationship and I'm terrible at giving props to the man I love.

You're the bees knees, D.

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