Wednesday, January 29, 2014

it's black and white

I hardly ever edit a picture and turn it into a black and white.
I love the color of little kids too much to want to wash it away.
And even though I'm working on adding color to our house (we're currently varying shades of white, greys, and dark browns)...I saw some pics that screamed black and white to me.
Here's the deal, sometimes it can help us focus on what's important.
Usually it forces me to focus on the eyes.
So, over to picmonkey I headed and here's the before and afters.
I'm in love

Before: Christmas morning 
Can you tell we were moving? 
So besides the unsightly boxes, there's all sorts of patterns going on in this pic.
And the real story is kind of lost
Dean opening his first present
While I have no intention of discarding the original, the edit helps me focus on the funny face he made and zero in on the moment

Vivi girl
eating raisins
in a red chair with a sparkly shirt
Super spunky, but in bw I find myself focusing on her eyes and expression more

And I saved my favorite for last
Truth: I love the original as much as the black and white
But if pressed, I'd say the cropped, black and white edited version helps me focus on her rather than the competing patterns of my shirt and her dress

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