Wednesday, January 29, 2014

first things first

 When we moved in, we knew we'd need new carpet in the bedrooms.
See exhibit A. 
And seriously forgive me for letting him roll around on that.
My head is dropped in shame.

 Now that you've lost your lunch, you can understand why carpet replacement was at the tip top of our list.
Unfortunately that meant priming those pesky beams that we love to hate.
With really strong shellac.
D has officially lost a year of his life using that stuff.
And painting the walls and trim.
Because buying new carpet and then painting just doesn't add up.
And I'm not great with math, but trust me on that one. 

So this madness ensued.
It was terrible lovely.
 The hallway still looks like this. 
Let's just channel our inner peace and pretend it doesn't.

 And while that was going on in one part of the L, this was happening in the other.
Our fridge is in the rumpus room.

 And stuff is everywhere.
We are scheduled to have one heck of a yard sale on Valentine's day weekend.
I'm praising the Lord for warm, California weather in February because if I had to wait until spring...

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