Tuesday, January 28, 2014

fireplace progression

This is where we started.
The camera doesn't do the orangey-red justice.
Oh, and let's not forget the mint green trim up top.
 The previous owner NEVER cleaned it out.
I swear it's a darn near miracle the house is still standing. I cleaned a forest worth of ashes out of that sucker. 
These are our inspiration photos.
Painted Brick Fireplace in gray or metallic.
Mid-Century Modern rebuilt & updated after the home was lost in the Santa Barbara fires. Stack-back glass doors open the Living Room to the Veranda...

Thank you pinterest.
When we had the painting weekend and focused on the living room, nook (dining area), and kitchen I had D give me a coat of swiss coffee on the bricks.
It stayed that way for a few weeks.
Carpet was being installed in bedrooms so the fireplace got bumped lower on the list.
Finally, I pulled out the paint and started on it.
I managed a stripe across the middle and left it like that for a few days.
This is after another nap time painting session.
I was too skeered to get up high on the ladder for the top.
Chaos, but a fully painted fireplace.
We've started hanging the floating shelves on either side of it, it's cleaned out and we've even had the candles lit.
We still want to add this floating mantle
floating simple mantel - Google Search
I'm working on gathering (aka buying, crafting, and locating) items for the shelves. 
This was a purchase I made yesterday.
Mid Century Modern Art Falling Flowers Print // Gifts under 25 // Free shipping
fateyedesign on etsy
Time to bring some serious color into this room!

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