Wednesday, January 8, 2014

easiest first

truth or dare
i always chose truth
seems to be the easiest way out
and i like easy 

in the midst of all of the remodeling
i swear i'll get pics up here stat (as soon as i can find my camera cord!)
::i've just been thrilled with finding clean underwear each day:: 
i find myself in full decorating mode
dean's room is the easiest for me right now
i can see it
and i can feel him enjoying it
it makes the most sense to me
here's my inspiration photo
my favorite childs room ever!!  love everything about it.

ignore the darkness of the pic
because the map
the globe
the stripes
the polka dots
the wall sconce 
they speak to me

here's his light from lowes
Barn Wall Urban Galvanized Outdoor Wall Sconce

a similar world map
Wall map

a diy canvas storage bin option for the toys
Kid-Oriented  A lidless canvas tote with rope handles makes it easy for kids to spot exactly what they're looking for -- and put it away at the end of playtime.

a fun art project
Put your son's toy cars in a shadowbox after he has outgrown them and use to decorate his room. — The Mom Creative

a fox pillow I can't get enough of
For me? You shouldn't have :) Plush Fox Pillow. Woodblock Printed. Customizable Colors. Made to Order.. $16.50, via Etsy.
LauraFrisk on etsy

some homemade cornices and bamboo shades like this
How to Build a Window Cornice #DIY

made with fabric like the duvets here
modern cabin

some diy art like this 
and this
World Globe 12in Vintage Repurposed, Wedding Decor, Typography, Travel Nursery, Adventure Quote
WildandFreeDesigns on etsy

a fun solar lamp or two like this 
Emergency Essentials - Nokero N200 Solar Powered Light Bulbclip on solar light. Hang outside awning during day and bring it in at night.
Nokero N200 Solar Powered Light Bulb

Book storage like this
bookshelves ikea spice racks

and a workshop
in his closet
no idea what to do for that yet
i'm sure he'll have some input
seeing as it is his place to work

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