Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"There's a teacher locked in the bathroom!"

Seriously, ya'll. 
I ran to the closest bathroom to my room before D came to pick me up at the end of work today. 
I did my business (too much coffee today)
and when it was time to leave the bathroom, I turned on the lock and
nothing happened.
It was jammed.
I pushed on that bleeping deadbolt until I bruised my fingers.
Then I panicked.
I contemplated kicking the lock, but then I realized this wasn't a movie and I didn't have a clue how to kick a lock open.
Then I panicked some more. 
And prayed.
Finally after about 10 minutes of panicking and praying a teacher came by to use the bathroom. 
She tried to get in.
I explained the situation. 
That's when the kids heard.
This very embarrassing moment was very exciting to kids.

"There's a teacher locked in the bathroom!"
"What teacher?"
"Hi! Bye!"

Maintenance was called.
The door was banged on until the lock loosened.
An out of order sign was placed on the bathroom.
And I walked (head down) back to my room. 

color me embarrassed.

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