Monday, December 2, 2013

thankful times

I guess I should start with this: Thanksgiving has traditionally been my favorite holiday.
I don't get into Halloween, and I think Christmas can be exhausting. 
Sweater weather, Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, waking up to the smell of turkey roasting, and all the good food, leaves crunching under your feet, fires in the fireplace, visiting with family, relaxing as a family. 
That's what it's been like in the past.
Fast forward to this year.
This was my first Thanksgiving away from my parents. 
Away from sweater weather, parades, and all the deliciousness mom fixes.
And to be honest, Thanksgiving this year started out a little rough.
I stayed up WAY too late.
I had two kiddos not feeling their best and waking up all throughout the night.
D wasn't home the night before so he slept in in the morning.
I woke up wanting it to be sweater weather, but really it wasn't.
I woke up to no turkey cooking, but a mess in my kitchen that I'd neglected the night before instead.
Oh, and I caught the head cold the kids had from all of the middle of the night rocking sessions. 
I was wiped out by the time D came to my rescue. 
He sent me back to bed.
And loved on me.
Sidenote: He is perfect for me and I cherish him.
When I woke up, I was in a grouchy panic as I tried to make the sweet potato casserole with minimal time.
And because of the grouchy, I missed quality time in the kitchen with my kids.
And then I got sad.
Because you know what, that's how I roll. 
D calls me an emotional roller coaster
and sometimes...he's right.
So then he made me take a nap in the car instead of talking with him while the kids slept.
Do all parents look forward to nap time for adult quality time like we do?
It was hard to do, but it was what this tired, head coldy mama needed.
Because when I awoke I saw the silver lining. 
We ate, we laughed, we played, we loved on family and friends this Thanksgiving. 
We were made to feel so welcome.
We were blessed by the day and the company and the folks behind the scenes putting it all together. 
We went to two gatherings and loved every minute of it. 
We would have gone to three, but our kids made it clear (in no uncertain terms) that they were tired and wanted their beds and their rest.

So, here's the deal...
Thanksgiving was completely different.
And we were wiped out by the end of it, but I went to bed with the biggest smile thinking about all of the love.
As we jump feet first into the winter holiday season, I can't help but think that we (I) should all try to hold onto the peace that Thanksgiving provides. 

And that's going to be a challenge in and of itself since the Alsey family is happy to announce 
 we're moving...again.

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