Monday, December 9, 2013

overtime: libman freedom spray mop

Disclaimer: The lovely people at Libman do not know me. You don't know me, fool! Sorry. Couldn't help myself. I like this product. A lot. It makes life easier and that's something you share with your besties.

Before kids (BK) I spent an irrational amount of time cleaning the floors of our old house. The house was new when it was purchased and so it made any little piece of dirt stand out.
I was always sweeping and vacuuming.
But here's my little secret: I was not mopping.
Because it's a pain.
In the rear.

Then we had little man, and I continued my sweeping and vacuuming routine...and I added in a twice a year mopping.
Gross right?
You'd never have known it to look at the floors.
 I would get down on my hands and knees and scrub any spots under the table that needed it, but a big ole mopping session? Nope. Maybe three times a year if our little family was lucky.

Somewhere along the way and advertisement caught my attention.
 I know we all think we're immune to advertisements, but we're not.
Mad men that thought.

I saw this little guy.

No bucket, no dirty water to ring out, washable pads, and here's the can use your own cleaner solution.
Sold and sold.

I bought one and haven't looked back.
Ours gets used multiple times a week.
Which is a good things since we have no carpet in this rental of ours.
It comes with multiple pads and has more that can be purchased.
The pads are machine washable.
I mop my way into the laundry room and throw the pad in with whatever clothes happen to be in the washer at that time.
We are currently on a PineSol solution phase. Prior to that it was Method.

And our floors are thanking us for it.

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  1. And just the thing for the new house! ;)


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