Tuesday, December 17, 2013

my cup ::overflows::

Today, in an hour an a half
we are closing on a house.
There have been times in this process, when it felt impossible.
When I felt like throwing in the towel.
In fact I did...for awhile.
Then one Sunday night, I leaned into the hope that we would be settled again
as a family in a home.
That this move would stop feeling like a move.
And life would just be.
I found a listing for what I've kindly dubbed "the ugliest house in the world"
But just looking at it made my breath catch
I emailed D while he was at work
set up a showing, please.
We went to the house with reservations.
We'd been down this path of searching before.
I was guarded.
Walls up.
No house felt like "us"
As we walked into the 1953 mid century modern house, it happened: it felt like we were home
I ignored the furnishing, hideous paint, and wood paneling
Instead I focused on the bones
I fell in love with the possibilities
With what it could become with some love and guidance.
It felt like us.
That 45 minute walk through (months ago) is what I've been hanging onto throughout the approval process.
It's caused me no amount of excitement to think of the possibilities
The way we could live there.
As soon as I can get inside again, I will have my camera on hand 
and take far too many pictures of the house in it's current state.
Then we will begin. 
(hopefully this weekend)
breathing new life
weaving new stories
loving new memories being made

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