Tuesday, December 10, 2013

::lovely lunch:: a very merry, mod Christmas

True Story: I used to spend my hour lunch devouring a chicken salad croissant, Cheetos, Butterfinger, and Diet Coke while reading a novel. 
In my car. 
In the parking lot of a grocery store. 
I needed a break from my day/life and that seemed like a decadent way to spend the hour. 
These days I've been pinning on pinterest and chomping at the bit to get some of the easier crafts completed. These posts are dedicated to making the most of my now 45 minute lunch break..in a crafty way.
Every craft posted is completed in under 45 minutes while I nosh on my lunch...sans Butterfingers and Cheetos.
Here's the inspiration and printable provided by you are my fav

crafting away

finished product
crossing this one off my pinterest list

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