Wednesday, December 18, 2013

kid Christmas crafts

We closed yesterday (hooray!!!!!).
When we got back to the rental, 
and I couldn't find one clean surface in the house 
I panicked
a little
our house is covered in the boxes and the mess of packing
I kept saying to myself over and over again as I tried to gain the upper hand
"That moment when you realize you're in over your head."
And then I snapped at the kids...for being kids
And then I got on myself.
Because we're not in over our heads
We are in transition

We are trying to make the most of every minute
We are more than our to-do list.
Needless to say, our Christmas crafts that I have line up have taken a back seat to the rest of life.
We did manage to squeeze a couple in last week, but I'll be packing up at least some of the pre-prepped crafts I had planned for a (hopefully) calmer pre-Christmas season next year.
And I'm okay with that.
Because really it's not about the crafts or the tree or the festivities
It's about teaching our kids that God made himself man.
With a purpose 
To come rescue us from us 
To show us love
That's something no Christmas craft can hold a candle to. 
and w is for washi tape which is my new favorite magnet

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