Monday, December 16, 2013

::just not feelin it::

It's almost Christmas, but honestly
I'm not feelin it.
It's warmish here in CA
We ate pizza at Costco on Saturday night.
The Costco had an outside eating area.
It was packed.
I was flabbergasted by it the entire time we were there
I'm sure I sounded and looked a little crazy.
I kept saying things like this to D, "But it's outside."
 "Did you know they have outside eating areas at Costco?"
"Wow, this is crazy."
I'll tell you what's crazy...dining comfortably outside, after sunset, in December
For real
And yesterday we played ball outside followed by a hysterical pool noodle fight
 It reminded me of April in Kentucky.
Cool, crisp 
Our rental house is in a wild state with boxes being packed in many of the rooms
I've got moving on my mind.
We have no tree
No real decoration that say "Next week is Christmas!"
The poor nativity is (once again) in desperate need of repair
Rather than working on one of our many Christmas crafts this weekend, we made slime.
So on top of boxes and such everywhere, there's also a nice amount of slime on the kitchen floor.
Yes, I mopped it. 
It clearly needs another round of attention.

With all that said, I'm happy.
I've let go of my expectations for what Christmas is supposed to feel like.
This year anyway.
I'm focusing on smiling.
And laughing
And kissing D
And comforting ouchies, changing diapers, starting experiments, and starting a pillow/blankie/stuffed animal fight
Because that's a lot better than frowning.
Oh, and I'm feeling inspired. 
Inspired by beauty I see all around me.
Gentle "I love you's"
Sweet spontaneous hugs and kisses
Friendship budding
So even though I have a lengthy to-do list
And Christmas feels a million years away
And it's warm
And I have no Christmas decor up
One thing I know for sure: we're going to soak up our moments together this holiday season
It may not be traditional 
It may not be trendy
But we're going to make it ours
to save our sanity

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