Sunday, November 24, 2013

::turkey time:: and trying to be thankful in middle of it all

The kids had a Thanksgiving dinner at their school on Friday.
I had car trouble Friday, then when I made it home...I still had to make the sweet potato casserole for the dinner before heading out.
We were a ::little:: late.
It was crowded.
Lots of kids. 
Lots of parents.
Lots of bumping into each other and trying to carve out a spot for this family.
Was it the best time of our life?
Did the kids enjoy it?
Did D and I enjoy it?
See how Viv's hand is in her mouth?
That's the teeth cutting- 4 at once this time.
See how Dean's not really in a photo?
That's because he was ::wound up:: and these photos were taken about 2 minutes before he had a time out.
Am I glad we had this first school event? 
Very thankful.

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  1. The first of many more fun times to remember! Miss those school days ---savor these moments and thanks for sharing them with us. Love you all!


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