Friday, November 22, 2013

snobby prices

I can't pay more than $30 dollars for art for a kid's bedroom. 
Call me lame...I call it frugal.
I think anything beyond that is overpriced. It's a kid's room for pete's sake. 
If you read this blog regularly (thank you) then you know that I like having evening art with the little ones. 

Vivi's into markers and Dean is into watercolors. 
I think it's great fun to slow down for a minute (pretending that the dishes in the sink are not there and that the clothes piles are not so large we could lose a kid or cat in them) and join in the art moment. 
I've lacked inspiration lately
Real bad

So in an effort to find inspiration, I began searching kid's room decor websites.
It's expensive with a pinch of snobby.
Don't get me's beautiful.
And it's lovely, and in my dreams I imagine living in some of the rooms shown in the photos.
This chandelier
and these beds featured in bhg  
are dreamy. 

Yes please! But those beds cost $1,980.00 a piece. And that chandelier is nothing to sneeze at with a $3,9600 price tag. 

My kids would wreck one of the inspiration rooms in 2.2 seconds flat. Maybe less if they'd been given juice or some other wild-inducing substance like...sugar. 

So, it's no surprise that their kid art is out of my pre-determined limit. 
The good news is I found inspiration in this $139 canvas
and this $119 canvas

Free inspiration...yes please!
Here's to finding inspiration in all the crazy places of our lives: blogs, online stores, etsy, walking down the street, and looking out our own windows. 

And here's hoping we can all spare a few minutes this weekend to get crafty with the kiddos!

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