Thursday, November 7, 2013

six on six

1. I'm working on getting new items posted to the shop
 2. Taking a break from tickles to find belly buttons. 
 3. We bought and began playing with a nativity November.
 "Sorry, mom!"
Baby Jesus was immediately broken.
This set may not make it until Dec. 25, but it's super cute, the kids love it, and it does state clearly on the package that it is a decorative item and not a toy. Oops. :)
 4. Preschool art might be the greatest thing...ever. 
This squirrel still makes me smile. 

 5. My hands are cracked and raw from washing dishes (namely sippy cups) daily. I bought this today and am calling the scent: Ruby Harbin. This soap smells exactly like my 91 year old grandma, and that my friends makes washing dishes nice. 
 6. I thought about this quote today at Target when I handed over two shirts to the cashier that I'd been eyeing. 
"I decided not to get these today."

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