Saturday, November 2, 2013

roses are red

Our kids started preschool. 
Technically Dean is in preschool and Vivian is in the toddler room.
But she's right there with him.
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper.

Sidenote: The preschool is crazy expensive. Like lots and lots of money.
Shouldn't good childcare be affordable? As in, I'm not going to have to donate a lung to make it all work.
We are believing that God will provide. 
We found a place that fits us and we know that God's provisions are going to bring us through.
We trusting in Him.
And we're not just saying it...we're really forcing ourselves to trust.

Not really what this post was supposed to be about.
I was thinking more about the color of the week and extension activities for busy mamas at home.
Here's what it looked like one night.

I put on Celtic Women
Sorry kids
It was soothing...that was my criteria...and I was tired...and it was easy

Toddler activity: 

Because crayons still taste really good to her.

Preschool activity
I provided the pictures this time. If I have more oomph, we go through magazines together to locate the pictures. This night I didn't. He suffered through the gluing instead of the finding. Oh wait...that's his preference so it worked out well for this instance.

Mama activity
watercolor sunburst
Because mamas enjoy the quiet creative moments too

Thankful for these moments with the kids...

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