Wednesday, November 13, 2013

new to cali: football lesson

Dustin's cousin Tyler plays for the ARC football team. 
Not sure what his position is, but he's number 91 in this picture.
And a few weeks ago he had a great game.

Here's the newsflash for me about football in November in California.
It wasn't cold.
Sure we donned some jackets and hats, but I can remember Purdue games with hand warmers, lots of layers, scarves, huddling next to the person nearest to you. 
Feeling like your nose was going to break off.
Or you were going to die. 
No, I'm not dramatic at all. Why do you ask?
Anywho, what a joy it was to not bundle the kids up. To be out in the evening air with family watching family.

Dean cheered. Then he played. Vivi played. Then she fell asleep. D and I yelled. 
Oh and besides the great company, there was an amazing sunset.
West coast sunsets are dreamy.

Go Beavers!

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