Wednesday, October 9, 2013

yell less, love more: finding a pattern

I'm a little slow.
That must be it.
Because there's an obvious pattern for my yelling moments and I just discovered it yesterday.

When I'm hungry, working on dinner, with whiny/clingy kids.
I've always been a person that gets grumpy when I'm hungry. 
The whining, the messes, and the clinginess have sent me over the edge.
That's when my head spins. 
That's when I feel the most frustrated in my day.

Don't they see that I'm doing my best?
Don't they know that I'm hurrying?
Or that I could get a lot more done without the messes, the fighting, and the crying?

Wait, they don't know that?
And it's not their job to know that yet?
It's my job to work on changing the situation to get different results?

Geez this parenting gig is hard work. 
For real.

Tonight I'm going to try something revolutionary.
I'm going to try to plan ahead for dinner. 
Start dinner early.
Give them a table toy to play so that the mess is contained.
But then...I'll have a messy table.

Praise the Lord, for the picnic table options. 
I'd rather have flies than a mean-spirited mama. 

Wish me luck, ya'll!

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