Thursday, October 10, 2013

overtime: travel bed

I read a handful of blogs regularly.
4/5 make suggestions for items they ::love::
sometimes sponsored, sometimes not
items that work...overtime

I've recently found a few items that I'm loving. 
Like a fly loves a toddler's sticky hands.
That's a lot of love, ya'll.
The companies that make these products have ::no:: clue who I am, and all thoughts are my own.

First up is the Regalo Travel Cot
aka "the travel bed"
We purchased this in Feb. when we made a cross country trip from KY to CA. 
This mama knew that our little guy was going to be tricky in hotel rooms across the country.
I wanted him to have ownership.
his own space
So I (with a hope and a prayer) bought this travel cot from Amazon.

I built it up as being his travel bed, and he took the bait hook, line, and sinker.
It's super light
Folds up very tiny
Is durable
Clearly says not to jump on it, but I happen to know it can withstand at least a little unsupervised jumping. 
Is easy to clean
Is quick to dry after a cleaning
Is comfortable enough to create no complaints
Is great to take to a babysitter/grandma's house/hotel/sleepover/etc

This cot makes this mama's life easier. 

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