Tuesday, October 29, 2013

overtime: psl

I love me some
Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte

It's the drink that ushers in an entire season of crisp goodness.
Sipping on it makes you feel like you're drinking a caffeinated pumpkin pie. 
Note: some people hate it.
Others (myself included) are in ::love::.
I'm not however above a little PSL cheating. 
The calories (380 for a grande) are not so sweet.
The price tag and the trip to Starbucks where you inevitably have to stare down a tempting sweet treat in the shiny glass cases are also not my favorite.
Enter the new PSL on the block.
So, first off it loses points for the terrible packaging.
I get it, it's ugh-mo
Someone at Maxwell House needs to take few notes about design.
And you don't get to go to a coffee shop to enjoy it.
However, the taste is delicious.
Not the same, but great in its own right.
You certainly don't need the 4 tbs. the package recommends (I only use 2)
Fewer calories
A lot fewer calories
And, I get to enjoy it in my own mug...whenever you want
I bought mine at Target, but I've read that it can be hard to find in stores because it sells out quickly
You can always get it on Amazon
You can even do the automatic shipments to keep you in the PSL mood year round.
sold and sold

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