Tuesday, October 29, 2013

happy, happy birthday to you

Three years ago today, God gave us this little man.
That's what this mama kept thinking whilst examining his little arms, legs, head, feet, etc.
I was thrilled to have a boy. 
I had no idea the joy we were about to experience.
His heart is so ::big::.
He cares about others.
His curiosity and drive grow daily.
He loves school and learning about electricity from Popular Mechanics for Kids.
His fire truck and play doh are current favorite toys.
He sleeps with his froggy at school and home.
He's musical and funny. He sweet and snuggly.
His favorite songs are "Bless the Lord oh my soul" (10,000 reasons) and "Jesus and his gloria" (Angels We Have Heard on High).
He wiggles and giggles.
He loves to read.
He says his prayers at night and gives Vivi her ni-night kisses.
"When I'm a big daddy..."
Thank you, Lord for this little man. He challenges me, and grows me. I pray that I help him see You every day.
Happy Birthday, Dean!


  1. Grandma & GrandpaOctober 29, 2013 at 6:03 AM

    Happy Everyday, Dear Dean! !!! You are a truly a blessing in our lives. You flood our hearts with joy and happiness! We love you!

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