Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Embrace the Camera: everyday moment

Sometime around Dean's 1st birthday, we began ending the night watching a "ni-night cartoon". It is essentially snuggle time for mom or dad (we often fall asleep during it), and time for the little ones to let their bodies relax before heading to bed for the night. We stagger bedtimes here. Viv is first so they watch a Vivian-friendly cartoon first (like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood or Caillou), and after she goes to bed we let Dean watch an episode or two of Popular Mechanics for Kids (his current fav).
 I'd feel bad that we're not reading a story before bed, but that's incorporated at other times during the day. 

Here we are snuggled tightly onto the bird chair. 
Peace-filled moments make my heart go pitter pattter. 
For more details about the embrace the camera challenge, check out Under the Sycamore
Today’s Prompt: EVERYDAY MOMENT (you doing something that is a routine part of your days)
Thursday’s Prompt: CREATIVE (a picture that includes you in it, but in a bit more creative way)

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