Thursday, September 26, 2013

yell less, love more an update

Moving is stressful.
On everyone.
Dad, mom, and toddlers are all a bit on edge.
We're sayin a lot of prayers these days, but the truth is there's something to that
 constant in flux feeling.
Like the boat you're on is rocking. Sometimes A LOT.
I just realized today that I don't know where the nearest hospital is. I need to get on that. 
Have I yelled?
Have I felt out of control?
Hence the yelling.
I've learned that the second you take me out of a feeling of control...anger is my go to emotion.
Just ask D.
I'm only now able to write about it now because I sense it subsiding. 
At least to the point where I'm aware of it.

Oh, and there's that other thing...called I've gotten really lax on the my parenting teaching structure. 
Dustin has noticed.
I have noticed.
And the kids have sure as heck noticed.
Nothing like having to take back ground you'd already claimed as won. 

Back to the whole stress and rocking boat thing, I eased up on the kids for two reasons:
1. It was easier.
2. I was overwhelmed.

The truth is, it's always "easier" in the long run to remain consistent. 
To actually hold to the line in the sand you just drew.
Today we explored the mall to see if they had any of those indoor playgrounds.
The kids need to be playing with other kids, but that's a different blog for a different day.
I immediately felt stressed
Two toddlers.
One walking and one wanting to walk.
Parking lots, running around, no stroller, and the fear of all fears for this mama: escalators.
I get nervous (and try not to show it) when I'm taking little man on an escalator whilst balancing Viv on a hip. 
So when the littlest one decided she wanted to run around rather than walk by me my parenting skills got tested. 
In public no less. 
Isn't that always how it is?
I drew my line in the sand. 
I gave a fair warning.
She disobeyed.
She got a consequence that was calmly dolled out- a hand slap. 
And she responded in a less than calm manner.
In fact people asked me what was wrong after we were outside and heading towards the car. 
She was crying so loudly that a lady said she must be a shopaholic not wanting to leave. 
You've gotta find levity in the moment and that lady's comment was so far off base it did just that for me. 
Mama stayed calm. 
Dean stayed calm (he even fell asleep), and the tears eventually stopped.

Focusing on the positives, remaining consistent, and as always to 

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