Monday, September 30, 2013

how does the journey begin?

I have a storefront, and it's been years in the making.
Many moons ago, I happened upon Jenny of Frecklewonder fame. 
Have you heard of her?
She no longer blogs, and honestly I stopped reading her posts years ago.
But something about her stuck with me.
She sold vintage clothes, toys, and books online. 
She thrifted for her family and sold some of her spoils to others.
I never bought an item from her, but MANY people did.
I remember talking to D about it years ago. 
How fun would it be to share your treasures with others?
To watch items go into and out of your shop?
To pick up items that would add a little something something to life?
To spread a love for all things vintage, mixed with modern?
We tossed around ideas and never picked any of them up.
Until now.
Nothing like a monumental life change 
(moving from KY to CA) to start you on the path of another, and you know what?
I couldn't be happier. 
Thanks for the support I've been receiving. 
It means a lot to not feel like an island.
I will be sharing some items on here with you, lovely reader. 
Paper Valentines
Take a moment to visit, click on an item you like, and ::favorite:: it.

No need to worry though, on the blog I'll still be sharing life shattering gems like this thought I had today:If I were a teacup, this is who I'd want to be...

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  1. It's great to share things that have already brought pleasure with others. Love the teacup, by the way and your models!
    Love you, Sarah :)


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