Sunday, September 29, 2013

because i said so...

I like that movie.
 I know that it's only 2.5 stars or so, but it has some of my favorite actresses...Diane Keaton, Lauren Graham, and it's a cute romantic comedy. 

It's also my life.
Eventually, after 30 "Why?" questions, I wear down and say it.
And that's okay. because...I said so.

 Someone else has learned how to say so.
In the wee hours of the morning (not really, but it feels that way when the suns not up yet), she calls out "mama" and let me tell you- she expects service. She also expects it fast and precisely. Why?
Because she said so.

Our mornings are full of snuggles before the men are up.
We sit in the bird chair, 
we watch the sun rise over the almond orchards, 
I drink hot coffee in my favorite good morning mug
we watch joyce meyer and then curious george, 
and then mama takes photos for her store.

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