Monday, September 2, 2013

aruba, jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya...

down to ::Half Moon Bay::.
We headed to the beach (again) for an early Labor Day celebration. 

It's approx. 2 hours from the house and takes 3+ hours to prep for...
I managed to get the kids and all their belongings packed up the night prior.
It's a very different beach experience than what I had as a kid. When we went, we drove for a day, got a hotel on the beach, and stayed for a week (or so). We didn't have to take the whole contents of the world with us down to the beach because if we wanted a snack we could run right up to the room.
These beaches offer toilets (aka nice porta-potties) and sometimes a grill/picnic table sections.
They're dreamy, but very very different.
Last trip I struggled with sand removal on the little ones.
Itwaseverywhere and they went to bed without a bath
::bad mom award::
Anywho, I found a post on one of my daily reads 
bower power
Katie Bower suggested using copious amounts of baby powder (cornstarch-not talc) to remove the sand easily.
It was sandarific!
That's mom code for we managed to not bring the whole beach back with us. :)

The other major difference between beaches I went to as a kid and California beaches we visit is the marine layer. 
As in you're not guaranteed a bright sunny day.
The water is already cold and if the marine layer doesn't burn off, it's a chilly willy on the beach.
People are fully dressed.
This whole California hippie dippy thing doesn't work with the marine layer. 
On our next trip, I may take pics of the elaborate ways people cover up, layer up, and tent up on the beach.

This trip was a cold one. 
The water was freezing.
Not a lot of swimming.
The guards warned us of STRONG rip tides.
So, there's a lot of chasing the waves, digging in the sand, kite flying, and cave exploring.
::lovely:: and exhausting day
If the pics look's the marine layer. :)

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