Monday, July 15, 2013

yell less, love more part 4

That moment when you've come home from work, with a lot on your mind, you're literally dripping with sweat, you're tired and hungry, and so are the toddler crew.

When you're short with your little man and little girl because you're tired of the complaining and contradictions and really only want to get dinner on the table so it all stops.

When you begin to raise your voice, and you recognize that you're louder than you should be, and your words are not kind or sweet in any way shape or form.

That moment when you feel yourself tearing down the peace you want instead of building it up.

That moment when you say, "I need a moment." and your toddler says, "Why don't you go sit down on the couch mom?"

When you say, "I'm sorry for getting upset."
and your toddler says, "I forgive you, mom."

::and he means it::

and you remind him that that's why we all need Jesus

and you praise the Lord for being hungry and hot and tired and short, and for this little moment when you feel like you're really soaking in life and learning as you go.

That was today. It was a good day when I remembered to yell less, and love more.

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