Tuesday, June 11, 2013

yell less, love more part 3

Stress is a trigger for most.
It is for me.
Today was stressful.

Anticipated phone calls.
Lots of questions.
8 weeks to move across the country.
Selling houses and buying houses.
It's all a bit much to wrap my mind around.
I've got some tension in my neck and I seem to be getting a slight cold- I'm assuming that's my body's way of rebelling.

I'm not saying all of this to complain: que cera cera.
But when traffic was at an absolute standstill on the interstate for over an hour tonight and it took me a solid two hours to get from work to the babysitter's house (4:30-6:30) and I didn't have the sitter's number programmed in my phone to call and let her know the situation...
the stress was literally causing me to sweat.

And then it hit me. 
Stressing wasn't going to make the situation better.
Saying I'm sorry and making it better with late pay would help.
Using the time alone to pray would help.
Making a plan B for dinner (aka drive-thru) would help.
Taking a chill pill would help.
Getting work done at home (cleaning out the upstairs bathroom) in spite of the exhaustion would help.
Reading stories with my babies would help.
And all of it added up did.

Tonight as I tucked Dean into bed and said the Lord's prayer with him, he requested a "special prayer" for daddy...then one for himself...and one for Vivi. Sure he was stalling, but he knows the soft spot in my heart for showering those in our life with prayer.
Last but not least he decided to say a prayer for his mama.
He said a prayer!
For my nose! 

Praise the Lord for that moment!
It made it all worth it- it was the tangible reward for choosing to yell less, and love more. 
Here's an old video of a boy and his mama.
 Off to bed with a smile on my face.

sweet dreams and moonbeams 

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