Monday, June 10, 2013

::yell less, love more:: part 2

 I had many people chat with me about the yell less, love more goal and post I did last month. I figure that honesty is not only a great policy, but it's also a wonderful way to keep me accountable so don't be surprised if you see a recurring theme here.

Here's the always helpful lesson from PBS Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood I referenced.
If you haven't seen Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, it's a spin-off of sorts of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, and it's surprisingly refreshing in this mama's Caillou/Thomas/Pajanimals filled world.

Each episode has a focus and a catchy song to match the lesson- the website also lists out learning goals and extension activities. 

This former teacher approves! The following was pasted from their site and more info can be found at PBS


Episode 104: Daniel Gets Mad/ Katerina Gets Mad

Daniel Gets Mad
Daniel Tiger and his friend Prince Wednesday are very excited to play at the beach today. But then it rains, and Mom Tiger says they cannot play outside, making them very mad. Mom Tiger helps the boys with their mad feelings and find ways to calm down and think. They take a deep breath, count to 4, and that helps them make a grr-ific new plan — to make an inside beach instead!
Learning Goals
The learning goal of this episode is to help children deal with their mad feelings.
The strategy song of this episode is: When you feel so mad that you want to ROAR,
Take a deep breath and count to four. 1…2…3…4…
Fred Rogers Timeless Wisdom
“Human beings are not born with self-control. We have to learn what to do with the mad that we feel. Learning to control ourselves is a long, hard process. It happens little by little. In fact, it is something we work on all through our lives.”
-Fred Rogers

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