Friday, May 17, 2013

This week...

Dustin was in Seattle. 
I was on my own.
 Boo! Hiss! 

On a normal week, I have the kids by myself four out of three nights, but somehow this felt different. 
He's been sorely missed by all of us. 

My favorite place in the world is in that man's arms. 
Thanks to everyone that helped keep the Alsey family going this week! It really does take a village.
To fill in the blanks, I've crammed our time full of fun. 
I've had A LOT of coffee, and I've said a lot of prayers. 
In a few minutes we're heading out for a haircut for mom. 
That consists of strapping two active kiddos into a stroller to watch while I get a quick cut. 
No time for a color for this girl! Thankful that my stylist has three little boys (aka LOTS of patience!)

I've done a lot while D's been gone, but my list is still lengthy
I have a feeling that I'll be staying up late tonight!
Do you plan projects for your "alone" time?

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